Welsh 202

The typical breakdown for the BYU Welsh course of study is:
• Beginning Welsh textbook plus Cwrs Mynediad unedau 1–11 in Welsh 101
• Cwrs Mynediad unedau 12–25 in Welsh 102
• Cwrs Mynediad unedau 26–30 plus Cwrs Sylfaen unedau 1–15 in Welsh 201
• Cwrs Sylfaen unedau 16–30 plus extra material in Welsh 202.
Variations in this schedule are likely to occur, but this is a good baseline.

Cwrs Sylfaen

Uned 1Uned 2Uned 3Uned 4Uned 5
Uned 6Uned 7Uned 8Uned 9Uned 10
Uned 11Uned 12Uned 13Uned 14Uned 15
Uned 16Uned 17Uned 18Uned 19Uned 20
Uned 21Uned 22Uned 23Uned 24Uned 25
Uned 26Uned 27Uned 28Uned 29Uned 30

Cwrs Sylfaen Ymarfer Pecyn